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Best Commercial Roofing Company in Indiana

Today I have written this blog post to tell you about the best commercial roofing company in Indiana. Heritage Roofing Solutions LLC is the greatest roofing contractor around because they put the customers needs and wants above all else. 

 Heritage Roofing Solutions LLC is partnered with the mother of all commercial roofing companies: Conklin. What or Who is Conklin you may ask? Conklin is a commercial roofing company that back in 1977 invented acrylic roof coatings which are coatings that provide superior protection against the elements and are highly sun reflective (more on that later). Since 1977 many roofing companies have joined the acrylic roof coating race but nobody offers the first-rate durability and lasting longevity that the original makers do.

 Many People over the years have chosen Conklin to reseal their roof. So much so that they were forced to branch out and find the best roofers in the business to take their brand to the far corners of the United States. Heritage Roofing Solutions LLC is one of those contractors. Have many years of experienced so please do not hesitate to call us if your roof is in sorry shape.

 If you are having a problem keeping you and your products dry and are constantly having to set out buckets to catch rain water then please contact Heritage Roofing Solutions LLC and they will swoop in and save you from creating additional damage to you and your wallet.

 About Heritage Roofing Solutions

 Heritage Roofing Solutions LLC is a Roofing company located in Lagrange Indiana and they offer both commercial and residential roofing. Commercially they use Conklin's roof coatings and residentially they offer metal roofing. Heritage Roofing Solutions is a family owned company that specialize in customer relation, on time job completion, and staying within the existing quote. If you find any leaks in your restored roof we will come back and fix it free of charge.


 If you are looking to get a roof do not slouch when it comes to how much it will cost, the roof of your home or business is the most important investment you will make, plus most owners are able to pay it off well within the warranty period.

 Remember do not put off a roof repair because small problems and leaks can turn into big ones in a hurry. No matter how big or small the job is Heritage Roofing Solutions LLC is here to help.

 Areas We serve

 Indiana - Gary, Terre Haute, Indianapolis, Richmond, Kokomo, Portland and surrounding areas.

 Conklin's Energy Efficiency

 One of the things Conklin is famous for is the energy efficiency of their roofs. When a Conklin Roofing system is applied you can expect up to a 40% reduction in roof temperature. This in turn will lower the heat being transferred inside your building and reduces the use of your interior cooling systems. This will result in lower utility expense and a lower heat island effect.

roof comparison

 We all know that if you ware a black shirt outside vs. a white shirt you tend to feel warmer. That's because black is extremely sun absorbent and the Conklin roofs are all finished with a white reflective coat to reflect the sun's rays.

 Commercial Roofing Systems


 The Single-ply roofing system is the strongest in the Conklin lineup. The reason for this is the rolls of the restoration material are unrolled and welded together with a special roofing welder that will join the seams with zero wrinkles.

single ply
 Fabric Reinforced

 The fabric reinforced roofing system is a great system because it offers the waterproofing technology that a liquid applied system has, and the lasting durability of a single-ply roof.

 As an added bonus this roofing system takes a lot less time to do then a traditional asphalt roof , which means less business disruption and more product leaving your building.

laying membrane 0777
 Spray Foam

 The spray foam system is good because it doubles as an insulation system which means it effectively controls air filtration and circulation.

 The restoration process will start by power washing your roof because the insulation will not stick to your roof if it is dirty. The second step is to spray your roof with the insulation and then add the final white coat to reflect the sun's rays.

4 Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing helps to insulate this cold metal roof with a minimum coating of one and half inches.
 Metal Restoration

 The metal roofing system is the most popular system and their is a reason for that. This roofing system stops leaks and rust in their tracks and offers lasting durability.

 During the restoration process each problem area is addressed repaired and resealed and the entire roof is covered in the Conklin reflective finish coat.

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 Has your old membrane roof begun to crack and build up dirt and are you constantly finding water on you floor then I have a solution for you. With this membrane coating system you will no longer have to worry about finding any more leaks.

membrane coating 1 1

 Residential Metal Roofing

amazing metal roof

 Heritage Roofing Solutions LLC does not offer shingles as a residential roofing system, because no other material has a shorter life span. More people are using metal roofing based on the fact that it has the longest life span in a building material, it can last 40 to 60 years.

 Many people think that metal roofing is going to be loud, and rightly so because when you are in a pole building or garage with a metal roof is sounds like a hurricane is read to tear off your roof. But most homes have enough insulation and baseboard to absorb the sounds of rain.

 Weather you are replacing an old roof or building a house and need a new roof heritage roofing solutions is here to help.


 The moral of the story is that if you need a roof replaced or just need a roof Heritage Roofing Solutions LLC will do their best to repair your roof with the greatest of ease and speed. If you are interested in any of the roofing systems above (commercial and residential) please contact Heritage right away so we can get started on restoring or replacing your roof.

 Remember small leaks and problems can turn into BIG ones in a hurry.

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