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Conklin White Roofs vs. The Other Guy

 lets start this off by explaining what Conklin is. First of all Conklin has five different services: agricultural, animal products, health and home, vehicle products, and roofing systems. Today we will just look at the commercial roofing side of things.

 Conklin offers five different roofing systems single-ply, fabric reinforced, metal, spray foam, and membrane. I will take time to explain each one in detail at another time.

42 years ago Conklin made what they call "acrylic roof coatings" and these coatings are designed to reflect a great majority of the suns harmful rays.

 Aside from Blocking most of the suns rays the acrylic coating also saves you money in cooling and heating expenses.


 (let me show you a chart to show you what I mean.)

roof comparison

 As you can see a conklin roof is much, much cooler then the others, now 100 degrees is a hot outside temperature but in roof standards it's almost cold! Amazing, right?

 White Reflective vs. Black Asphalt vs. Aluminized Coating
  1. Black asphalt: Asphalt roofing is just what it sounds like, super hot and NOT very sun reflective.
  2. Aluminum Roofing: Metal, aluminum, and stainless steel are very similar in toughness and strength, however all three suck up the sun like there's no tomorrow.
  3. Conklin Cool White roofs: One major quality is that Conklin roofs are white so they are naturally going to remain cool, stay away from black roofs!  Here's why.
cool roof final
Another example of how awesome Conklin roofs are!
 Conklin Roofing Systems


 The metal roofing system is a complete waterproofing system, it stops leaks and rust in their tracks. During the restoration process every problem area is addressed and fixed so your roof is leak-free for years to come.

power wash roof

 Fabric Reinforced

 A fabric reinforced replacement system seals with a seamless acrylic coating in which a tough flexible fabric is embedded to ensure that your roof will resist splitting and rupturing. The result of the two make a tough yet flexible and lightweight roof that will last from years to come.

Lincoln Professional Center base and fabric 1


 Single-ply is the strongest and toughest roofing system in the Conklin lineup, During installation the membrane rolls are unrolled and welded together, let me say again. WELDED! (not with steel wire though they are welded with something else.) Anyways the thing is really strong, so buy one.

single ply 1

 Spray Foam

 The spray foam roofing system is a liquid applied system which means their are no seams (the primary cause of leaks.) With an insulation value of R-6.5 per inch of thickness. The SPF system effectively controls air filtration and keeps the cost for heating and cooling at a minimum.

detailed roof


 As TPO and other membranes get old they tend to crack and split causing leaks, which hinders their ability to save you money.  If your membrane is old and not very leak-proof consider recoating your roof with a strong yet flexible membrane such as this.

membrane coating 1
 Cost of a Conklin Roof

 I know what you're thinking, "These Conklin roofs have got to be super expensive, right"? Well I have news for you. Conklin roofs are surprisingly affordable, however it's very hard to give you a price range because it depends on size and shape of your roof.

 I can give you a list of the cheapest coatings to the most expensive top coats.

 BENCHMARK:  Sitting in the cheapest spot is the Benchmark top coat it is superior when it comes to strength and durability. This coating has an 85 percent solar reflective value for optimum efficiency.

RAPID ROOF III:  Coming in at second place is the Rapid roof III, this coating has had more then 40 years of worry-free service. In a standard white color Rapid Roof III provides 85% sun protection. Amazing, right?

PUMA XL:  Puma XL can be applied to many different substrates and offers amazing tensile strength, with an 18 year warranty you can see that Puma XL is the best in the business.

 It doesn't really matter because most of the buyers are able to pay it off their roof well within the warranty period.

 A list of Preferred Contractors

Conklin has many different roofing contractors that use their product. Here is a list of just four.

  1.  Hawkeye Enterprices Roofing
  2. Great lakes Roofing and Coating
  3. High Plains Roof Restorations
  4. Mid-State Roofing
 Hawkeye Enterprises Roofing
Untitled design 24

 Located in Pleasant, IA Hawkeye Enterprises Roofing is the #1 roofing contractor among the communities of Iowa and northern Missouri. They specialize in customer satisfaction, on time job completion, and customer relation.

Areas Served: Iowa - Des Moines, Ottumwa, Mt. Pleasant, Marshalltown, Osceola, Iowa City, northern Missouri, and surrounding area.

Roofing Systems Offered: metal, single-ply, fabric reinforced, membrane, and spray foam.

 Great lakes Roofing and Coating
Untitled design 19

 Located in Claire, MI Great Lakes Roofing and Coating has been proudly serving the businesses of Michigan for years. Each job they do is done with the utmost speed and the customer's wishes in mind.

 Areas Served: Michigan - Clare, Flint, Gaylord, Lansing, Reed City, Traverse City, and surrounding area.

 Roofing Systems Offered:  metal, single-ply, fabric reinforced, membrane, and spray foam.

 High Plains Roof Restorations
high plains roof restoration

 Located in Florence, CO High Plains Roof Restorations has established itself as the best commercial roofers around, from a small patch job to an entirely new roof High Plains Roof Restorations has got you covered.

 Areas Served:

Colorado – Florence, Denver, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Lamar, and Sterling.
New Mexico – Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Gallup.
Arizona – Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Payson, and Scottsdale

 Roofing Systems Offeredmetal, single-ply, fabric reinforced, membrane, and spray foam.

 Mid-State Roofing
Midstate Logo

 Located in Hartly, DE MId-State Roofing Strives to be the best commercial roofing company in Delaware. Their goal as they partner with Conklin is to bring business owners the best quality in commercial roofing.

 Areas Served: 

Delaware - Hartly, Georgetown, Middletown, and Dover.

Maryland - Baltimore, Chestertown, Elkton, and Cambridge.

 Roofing Systems Offered: metal, single-ply, fabric reinforced, membrane, and spray foam.