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Why Conklin Roofs Are The Best

 If you are a business owner and your roofs starts to leak the natural solution would be to tear off and reroof, right? Wrong all you have to do is select a roofing contractor of the Conklin roofing systems and get a roofing system for your badly damaged roof. 

 The Conklin acrylic coatings was invented back in 1977 and since then a lot of roofing contractors have entered the white reflective roof coatings, but none of them offer the superior protection and standing track record.

 So  if you are considering tearing your roof off please do not waist the time, energy, and money. All you have to do is get a conklin roofing system that will save you time, energy, and money.

light reflectivity surface temperature comparison chart

 As you can see that the image above is indicating that Conklin roofs reflect 85% of the suns harmful rays which is huge in the commercial roofing industry. 

 Since the roof coatings reflect so much sunlight they will also save you money in heating and air conditioning expenses, in fact you save so much money saved in utility expenses that most of the owners of these roof coatings are able to pay it off well within the warranty period.

 100 degrees is a very hot outside temperature but in roof standards it is almost cold.

 Non-prorated Warranty

 Conklin is the leader when it comes to commercial roofing and they know that so they take what the customer wants very seriously and as such they give their customers very generous warranties, non-prorated warranties to be exact.

 You may be asking yourself "what is a non-prorated warranty"? A non-prorated warranty is a warranty that does not loose its value over time. That means that all of the issues are covered at all times within the guarantee period. This type of warranty is a rare one in the commercial roofing business.

 If the person who purchased the roofing system sells the building within the warranty period the warranty transfers over the new building owner! Half the time the warranty doesn't matter because the roofing systems are so good that the warranty claims are less then 0.5%.

 Another awesome quality is that the warranties are renewable. For example say your roof is 5 years past the ending of the warranty and your roof starts to leak, all you have to do is order a power washing with WAC ll from your contractor and he will select a coating system and all you have to do is enjoy another 18 years of performance at a minimal cost.

 Roofing Systems

 Metal Roof Restoration

 Conklin's metal roofing system is a complete roofing system that stops leaks and rust in their tracks, with the reflection factor of the Conklin roofs this roofing system reflects 85% of the sun's harmful rays which will in turn save you money in heating and air conditioning costs. If your business's metal roof is leaking and needs a fresh coating please consider the Conklin metal roofing system.

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 The single-ply roofing systems' durability is unmatched. The single-ply membrane rolls are unwrapped and welded together to form an extremely durable roof coating system.     If your roof is a variation of a membrane and If your roof is struggling to keep you and your products dry please consider going with a single-ply roof coating.

single ply 2

 Fabric Reinforced

 The fabric reinforced coating system is applied with a seamless acrylic coating in which a tough flexible fabric is embedded, this combination makes a strong and leak proof roof. This roofing system also increases the life expectancy of your roof and the energy efficiency of your building. So of you have a roof that is going downhill fast please get a fabric reinforced roof.

fabric reinforced systemr 1

 Spray Foam

 Conklins SPF system is a great way to get the best bang for your buck because the spray foam system is a roof coating system and a insulation system. with an insulation value of R-6.5 per inch of thickness this roof coating effectively controls air filtration and circulation. During the restoration process the entire roof is coated with the SPF at a minimum of 1 inch and then sealed with a reflective finish coat.

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 As TPO and other membranes Become old and get chipped and cracked and build up dirt causing them to loose their energy saving properties thank goodness Conklin has a solution, their membrane system will give your roof a brand new life and make sure your products don't get wet.

membrane 1 1

 Preferred Contractors

-Timber Ridge Roofing Solutions LLC
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 Located in Millmont Pennsylvania Timber Ridge Roofing Solutions LLC strives to keep every customer in the highest interest. From a small patch job to an entire new coating they have got you covered.

 Areas Served:

 Pennsylvania - Williamsport, Harrisburg, Reading, Wellsboro, Brooksville, And surrounding area.

 Roofing Systems Provided: metal, single-ply, fabric reinforced, spray foam, and membrane,

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-Bunkum Valley Roofing
Bunkum Valley Roofing logo with black outline

Bunkum Valley Roofing is the best roofing company in Indiana, they specialize in customer satisfaction, on time job completion, and staying within the existing quote. Call today for your new coating system.

 Areas Served:

 Indiana and Kentucky

 Roofing Systems Offered: metal, single-ply, fabric reinforced, spray foam, and membrane.

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-Triple SSS Commercial Roofing
Triple SSS Roofing logo

 Located in Williamsburg Indiana Triple SSS Commercial Roofing is the one for you if you have a problem with your roof. Triple SSS Commercial Roofing will swoop in and save your products from future damage.

 Areas Served: Indianapolis, Greensburg, Fort Wayne, and surrounding area.

 Roofing Systems Offered: metal, single-ply, fabric reinforced, spray foam, and membrane.

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-Tristate Roof Coatings LLC

 Tristate Roof Coatings LLC is the best when it comes to commercial roofing their work ethic and passion is unmatched. If your roof is in bad shape please call tristate roof coatings to get a new coating.

 Areas Served: Southern Indiana and northern Kentucky

 Roofing Systems Offered: metal, single-ply, fabric reinforced, spray foam, and membrane.

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